When inspiration struck…

When I was a wide-eyed girl in fourth grade, I was enchanted by the world. I had an awe-inspiring teacher who wove stories from different fabrics of the world. None was more enchanting than hearing about the people of the North, the vikings, the Norsemen. She spun tales of heroics, evil, conspiracy among the gods (inspired by Loki) and of magic. Needless to say, I was captivated.

I took all my time after school to familiarise myself with the myths and legends, and became an expert on ancient norse Runes, of the Elder Futhark generation. I treasure my Norse Mythology book to this day!

Twelve years later, I am on the brink of my journey to the land I have only day-dreamed about for half my lifetime. I plan to visit an old friend in Oslo, then cut across from East to West along the carved landscape to Bergen by train, to visit a fairly new friend. My expedition will start on 16 June and finish 06 July.

I hope to document my travels and adventures in Norway as I explore all corners I can, from the Opera House, to the Museum, to Viking ships and Bryggen. Feel free to follow my journey as a viking-struck South African escaping to Norway for the first time.

Source: Nordic Visitor

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